Paroles de la chanson My Hit And Run par Third Eye Blind

Paroles de Stephan JENKINS, Tony FREDIANELLI
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Paroles de la chanson My Hit And Run par Third Eye Blind

Feel the speed through the intersection
Sheets of rain I seek out cars
Hands in gloves grip handlebars
Ride alone to the pub in the dark
I get a little wet but I don't have to park
And the lights start flashing green and red as I ride
A car turns left and I slide
I can't turn back
I make contact
Blinkers smash into mosaic
Then I start flying
Always think we get more time
Now flying through the air
Maybe living maybe dying
In this motor crash it's you who comes to mind

Don't we always wish had more time
I'm thrust slow mo through time and space
Details smash and
I protect my face
And then I see yours
And go to a time when we just knew
Mister death in the car below
Doesn't even slow
And away he goes
In the majesty of a motor crash
You skid into my darkness forming
Sex and death, heartbreak and strife
But I give no warning
Here it comes, my hit and run
Come down hard and roll to my feet
And rain washes blood now off concrete
People turn away and I just had to laugh

Cause I'm still flying
Living and dying
And I'd like to thank mister death for what he's done
Cause I got to walk away from my hit and run
Mysteries are not so empty
Cause I saw you
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