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Paroles de la chanson Babies To Men par Tee Grizzley

Ayy man, to them young niggas, man
Everybody out there that's growin' up, that's kids
Don't try to grow up too fast, man
Enjoy your parents, enjoy your friends, enjoy your relatives while you got 'em
They ain't always gonna be livin', they ain't always gonna be with you, bro
(Helluva made this beat, baby)
Trust me

We started off stealin' bikes and playin' a game at the crib
Like ask your mama can I spend the night
Hittin' the mall, gettin' matchin' pair of Mikes
Gettin' girls' numbers was the highlight of our life
At school in the bathroom, goin' 30 seconds
Sittin' next to Robert, tryna copy off his answers
Around report card time, I was finessin' (Yeah)
Like, "Granny, they ain't give 'em to the students, they gon' mail 'em" (I ain't get mine)
We was mad when the other got suspended
Like, "Damn, now I gotta be in school without my nigga"
Why they let us get our hands on them pistols?
Why we ain't get a book on all the shit that came with it
Why our peoples ain't tell us the government had an agenda?
Don't get a young nigga forever stranded in that system (Damn)
Wasn't thinkin', I was busy thinkin' 'bout a million (Who else?)
Jasmine (Who else?), Lay-Lay (Who else?), Kayla (Who else?) Britney (Nigga)
Used to wear my uncle's clothes to the parties
I know these pants big as hell, but they Ed Hardys
Tay tapped me like, "Get ready, bro, I'm finna snatch these Cartis"
(Bruh, we don't tip around this bitch)
I think that's when all this shit got started
Next day, we standin' outside the apartment
On Chicago, when some niggas rolled up in a Charger (Skrrt)
Like, "Come up off them glasses 'fore we start sparkin'"
All I remember is gunshots and dogs barkin'
Bruh like, "That's them 7 Mile niggas," so that's our target
Next day we on 7 Mile and Ferguson with five .40s
Tell his mama her baby gettin' aborted
No statute of limitations, so I gotta end that story
Put the gang on our shirts, you know what my mans claim
Terrorizin' shit, from Northland to Fairlane
Gettin' all the hoes at the high school games
Bunch of young niggas with some frames that'll go insane
Then that RICO Act came, that's when niggas changed
My day one niggas dead or stuck in that cage
My day ones that's out, they don't wanna change
But I got too much to lose, gotta go my way (I can't stay the same)
'Cause I remember when them people ran in my crib
Pointin' them SIGs, crazy how we went from babies to men
Q was 17 when they gave him his bid
Straight to the Pen, he get out, he gon' have great-grandkids
Send him money every month 'cause he ain't say what we did
Only thing he told 'em is we went from babies to men
Our transition was crazy... from babies (Grew up too fast)
We went from babies to men
Now I got my foot on niggas' necks and I ain't lettin' up
Five M's tucked, if I ain't do shit else, I ran it up
Ho give me a bottle, what I'm gon' do with a cup?
I put on for Detroit, I need me a free pair of Bucks
Bitch, we really run the city, go and ask about us
Niggas gettin' found without their head about us
I was 17, givin' niggas no passes
Unc' taught me how to shoot, we used to call it po' class (Bow) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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