Paroles de la chanson Grizzley 2Tymes par Tee Grizzley

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Paroles de la chanson Grizzley 2Tymes par Tee Grizzley

[Tee Grizzley]
I love you so much, God
I thank you so much, God
(Helluva made this beat, baby) Ayy

[Tee Grizzley]
I know how it feel bein' hopeless (I do)
Takin' Ls back to back, tryna keep your focus (Man)
The people that depend on me, they'll never notice 'cause I do what I'm supposed to
Secured them and keep goin' (One shit)
Ain't nobody life perfect (At all), especially mine
I'm workin' on it though, I'm gettin' rid of felonies now
My credit eight hundred, niggas can't discredit me now
I wanna ask you some shit, but you might tell me a lie (I know it)
But, ayy, I barely care
I no longer live in my feelings, shit, I'm barely there (Oh yeah)
I can never live in New York 'cause I can't carry there (Oh yeah)
They say I can't live in my city 'cause it's crazy there (What?)
I'm like, "Shit, that's everywhere" (That's everywhere)
Don't come tellin' me nobody business, I don't fuckin' care (Give a fuck)
I don't kiss and tell, just know I had to hold up her hair
Ran inside my crib, you got it, took what I tucked in there (You got it)
But get on your knees and thank your God that I wasn't there (He thankful)
Grizz, but, my niggas kill folks, no talkin' (No talkin')
Got shooters, but I keep in the fin on me like a dolphin (Bah)
Ain't no runnin' from this shit, hell nah, bro, hawk 'em (Go get 'em)
All my niggas gettin' green, bitch, we play for Boston (Yeah)
Nah, all my niggas gettin' blues, bitch, we play for Buffalo (Oh yeah)
Ran into your bitch, I spared your life, I could've fucked her though (Nah)
Told that lil' bitch, "First and foremost, touchin' me like touchin' gold"
Just talked to a hundred million, told that bitch, "I'm comin', ho" (I'm on my way)
Talkin' to my young savages, they out here into that
Don't let these niggas trick you off the streets over the internet (Internet)
Real bosses don't cry over losses, we gon' get it back
The goal is to still get this money, why you sittin' back, nigga?

Too bad I'm paranoid (Paranoid), I don't trust my baby mama (At all)
When she met me with my daughter, I was grippin' on my chopper (For real)
She like, "Damn, Ricky, you think I'd wanna see you hurt?" (Damn)
I'm like, "Shut up, bitch, I'll put you and them niggas in the dirt"
That's on CVL (Cartel), I might go back to the feds
When I catch you out in public, hope you stand on what you said (For real)
I ain't sleepin' on 'em (I'm not), I know they wanna see me dead (I know it)
Just know if they play with me, Big A gon' paint the city red
That's on Allah (On Allah), I ain't used to all this rah-rah (Rah-rah)
And, nigga, I been thuggin' since niggas been rockin' Dada
How you beefin' with no money? You can't even move your mama
Ain't no limits with me, nigga, I'ma get you if I want you (Get you if I want you)
All these crosses, I ain't even Christian
They waited 'til I went to jail and then started dissin' (Damn)
The same niggas ridin' with me was the opposition (The opps)
I broke my baby mama heart and I ain't try to fix it (I'm sorry)
I'm a man of principle (I am)
It ain't the money, it's the principle
Grab the Drac' and get physical, I'm hands-on (Hands-on)
I just wanna put my mans on (Mans on)
Talkin' 'bout robbin' me, I'm the wrong one to be layin' on
I'm paranoid (Paranoid), superstitious, I can't take a loss
I'm a boss (Boss), I'll pay the cost to take you off
Double-cross (Double-cross), I done seen't the double-cross (Cross)
Them niggas wasn't official, had no other choice to cut 'em off (Finesse) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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