Paroles de la chanson Versatility par Supreme DJ Nyborn

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Paroles de la chanson Versatility par Supreme DJ Nyborn

The Supreme One is my name and title
Versatility describes this recital
Of rhymes, I wrote 'em, many will quote 'em
If this was an election, I'm sure you'd vote 'em
Number one, uno, no rhymes rate higher
If I was rulin', you'd call me sire
But I'm not, in this lifetime I choose to teach
Not to rule, not to preach
This lesson is entitled Versatility
It's an example of Supreme's ability
Agility, master of many styles
Alphabetically ordered, placed in proper files
But enough with the intro
The school bell has rung and I want you to know
Why I'm Supreme, still with me?
Nyborn is teaching Versatility

Verse two, of this lyrical lesson
By now I'm sure that you're guessin'
Who am I, or should I say who is he?
I'm the S-U-P-R-E-M-E
Don't understand? Should I define it?
Stop your tape, pause, rewind it
Break it down so you get the full effect
Are you ready? Check
S is for Stupid, not dumb but dope and
U is for Unique, P's for potent
R is for rehearsal, so when I get to the E
It becomes Easy
To create Music, that's the M
The E signifies the End
But it still ain't over, until Supreme says it's over
And when you go you said he drove the
Crowd crazy, his style was kinda lazy
But then he got hype, and it amazed me
Broke the beat down, started wheelin'
The crowd was live cos they was feelin'
A full dose of musical madness
The competition didn't know I had this
Talent, or even the ability
To be teachin' Versatility

Verse three, what's it gonna be?
A funky rhyme from the S-U-P-R-E-M-E
Showin' suckas I could never be soft
You're tryna step to me? Step off
Cos I'm furious, the beat is bangin', my rhymes are kickin'
Time is runnin' out, the clock is tickin'
So many rhymes that your brain overloads
Then I ignite the fuse and it explodes
Another victory, a sucka sacrificed
Just a small step from paradise
For some it's dangerous, for some it's fun
For some it's over, for me it's only begun
And I'm about to get hype, hype I'm gonna get
You think I'm rockin? You ain't heard nuttin yet
Cos I got many rhymes, yet still a DJ
Destroying foes every day
Displayin' Versatility, just for you
The crowd, the audience, and this is what I'll do
Recite rhymes and still create cuts and
Make sure it's funky, so that you move your butts
And dance, to the rhythm that I know you like
You ain't wid it? Yeah, right
Don't play hard, you know you want more
This is verse three, next is four
So don't waste time, you're a slave to the rhyme
As soon as I grabbed the mic, you was mine
Cos I got ability, and much style
To teach Versatility, cos I'm versatile

I heard you want more, you just adore
My lyrics, so here's verse four
Of this lesson, class is still in session
Suckas did you study? Cos I'm giving a test in
Knowledge, and most have none
On a scale of one to ten you rate one
While Supreme on the other hand doesn't get rated
At least not till the scale's been updated
To accomodate a level of intelligence as high as mine
Like six, seven, eight or maybe nine...teen
See what I mean? Never underestimate Supreme
Although many claim to be, one remains to be seen
As the true Supreme, cos
It's not a title that's shared by many
And if you ask me, I'll say there's not any
Other, that can hang with the dark-skinned brother
And if one advances, then I'll smother
Suffocate, commit homicide
But from another point of view it's suicide
He shouldna broke, shouldna tried to step
Then he wouldn't of got choked
Strangled by the cord of my microphone
He shoulda left me alone
But he was stubborn, a non-believer
So I had to sic him like a Labrador Retriever
Chew him up, and spit him out
Teach him what bein' Supreme is all about
Cos I'm a teacher, not a fighter or a killer
I am the coolest, could never be none chiller
If you're tired, yo I'll go get a pillow
Cos I'm about to rock the mic like Attila
The Hun, yo this is fun
I'm almost done...
But I'll never stop, until the beat cease
Yo, I'm outta here

This is the Supreme DJ Nyborn with an extra special shout-out
To my girl Kenya, little brother Craig, the International
Brooklyn Posse, and the Payroll Posse. Yo, I'm comin' correct
In '89, you know what I'm sayin'? I'm outta here. Peace dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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