Paroles de la chanson Paese par Roberto Benigni

Compositeurs: Roberto Benigni

Editeurs: Warner Chappell Music France,Warner Chappell Music Italiana Srl

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Paroles de la chanson Paese par Roberto Benigni

In paese noi all there are borns, grown, ingobbiti and aged to trentanni it demonstrates sixty nobody that laughs, nobody that sings. As salary is all evil Sunday pig eats itself  “I can offer a sanguinaccio…” In paese…non it is discussed about nothing ceè always the same people  “You are well? ”,  “That fredda”,  “That caldo…”,  “Rigor! Mistaken ” … rinquarto to billiards. As instruction is all evil ce è two or three go to serale school  “Three for seven quarantotto” In paese…c†è only the open circle where puà ² to reason itself and the evening seated to the caffè for the desperation the film to the television is watched. Divertimenti… is all evil to the maximum you can change channel  “This film la ho già visto¦Â” In paese…non c†è a great culture beautiful c è n è little or head they are nearly all made ugly from own job and the clever women son do not go with they. As health is all evil the sexuale vent lacks  “Me fidanzo! ”,  “Who you piglia? ” In paese…‘un c’è nulla… … nulla… Good bye dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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