Paroles de la chanson My Soul par Rilès

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Paroles de la chanson My Soul par Rilès

Searching deep in my faults
Pardon me 'fore I go
It’s cool to do shit alone
You make your mess on your own
I thought that cocky was cool
I think that trendy was fool
So badly wished I was you
I left myself with the truth

Now, changing locations
Still a loner since then
Bosses told me
" You want to be featured ? "
" Gotta suck 'em"
Fuck you and your friends
All those industry plants
I teamed up with the Devil
And I think I lost myself

My soul
My mind
My goals
My self
My soul
My mind
I know

Why you keep wondering what you live for ?
Now your past is just regrets. Smoke, and let it in
Why you keep wandering silently
Bro, you're still on a mission tell ’em
Even though you lost your fucking self

Your soul
Your mind
Your goals
Your self
Your soul
Your mind
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