Paroles de la chanson Girls & Boys par Prince

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Paroles de la chanson Girls & Boys par Prince

I love U baby, (I love U so much)
(Maybe we can stay in touch)
(Meet me in another world, space, and joy)
(Vous êtes très belle, mama, girls and boys) {U're very pretty, ...}
Come on back, band

I can sit here, horns, help me
Just keep that going
Till U fall asleep, do it, uh

Renato, wait a minute
Sheila, on the one

Ain't nothing 2 look at, all y'all dance

Just the drums and Sheila, look out
Horns, help me
Come on
Just the horns now
Keep it going now
Band, hit me now

Don't nobody move, hold it right there
Hold it right there
It ain't over {x4} {repeated by audience}
L.A., L.A., what?
Tell me now
L.A., tell me now {x2}
Candy, solo

(It ain't over) {repeated by audience thru rest of song}

What's that I hear?
It sounded quite clear
What Doug E. say, Larry?
What's that I hear?
Sounding good 2 my ear
Uh, on the one
Come on back, band

Do that again horns!

What's that I hear? Come on
Tell me what do I hear, come on
Say John
Mr. Blackwell, how do U rate Sheila's fashion? {x2}

She on the cymbal now {x2}
L.A., she on the cymbal now
It ain't over {x3}

Mr. Blackwell, when we give the cue
U know what 2 do
The everlasting now
U gonna give it 2 me and how dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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