Paroles de la chanson Modern Problems par Morse Code

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Paroles de la chanson Modern Problems par Morse Code

Tired feeling down, alarm is louder
Than the traffic in the city
No time now for breakfast got to get dressed
Go to work ain't that a pity

At sunrise they start (Modern Problems)
At nightime they haunt you
From daylight to dark (Modern Problems)
(1)Never get to anywhere on time
(2)They don't want to give this guy a break
(3)Just can't seem to get them off my mind

Get into the car, I turn the key
And it breaks for in the ignition
Walk into the office and I'm told
That they have lost all my commissions

Finally make it home, open the mail
To find my phone's been disconnected
Watch the evening news, they say the pills
I took today they are affected

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