Paroles de la chanson Dirt par Mobb Deep

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Paroles de la chanson Dirt par Mobb Deep

Uh, yeah
Call it how it is, accordin' to the facts
If rap was prison, our shit would be the supermax
No sunshine, just dark skies
Nothin' but dark thoughts goin' through my mind
I got bad blood, mad love, only for the team though
Everyone one of us is the shooter, now where the beef go?
I ain't seen none of these niggas and we out here
Wanna be celebrity thugs, a lot of mouth, yeah
Oh my god, we could not be fucked with
Real shit, look at our life all in the public
We under the microscope, they all watchin' us
We have no choice but to keep it trill, they sizin' us
And if they wasn't, God always pay attention, don't he?
I couldn't live with myself bein' phony
Look, if life was a game, then I guess we winnin'
'Cause this life we made for ourselves is bitchin', uh

Didn't want to do it but the voices tug and pullin'
On my eardrums, something that I knew I shouldn't
Got me wildin' with the ratchet out like shit is legal
Lookin' for a victim, put 'em in the fetal
Fuck is going on? When it's on, I know it's on
But shit not really poppin' and I'm lookin' for a war
Lookin' out my window, pointin' shit at police
To make matters worse, I'm sippin' on some OE
Shit got me buzzin', I'm already buggin' though
With mad other bottles that I drank about a month ago
Fuck is on my mind? I'm feelin' bipolar
Plus paranoid, lookin' over both shoulders
I woke up with blood on my hands
Fuck I do this time? Now a nigga scared
Fuck, I'll probably get the fuckin' chair
Grab my fuckin' gun, a few clothes, son, I'm outta here dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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