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Paroles de la chanson The Anthem par Lootpack

If you're not flippin' cuts like DJ Romes then you're not
(Representin' with the LPs)
If you're not droppin' tracks like Mad Lib then you're not
(Representin' with the LPs)
Well if you're not kickin' styles like WildChild then you're not
(Representin' with the LPs)
But if you're not supportin' hardcore hip hop then you're not
A real hip hop MC

If you're not in tune to this
Total bliss
Nowadays a lot of rappers I like to diss
Cause yo all up in your songs you be talkin' bout your Glocks (what?)
Then you change cause you can't be the same around your block
You be actin' like you're Amazon when the camera's on
But when the camera's off you be actin' soft
Cause you be in that mental state thinkin' that you're great
But everywhere around the gates people sayin' that you're fake
But you droppin' outta wake while you're tryin' to have your cake
But your jams ain't got no weight and many niggas won't debate
Hey how we do?
We keep it hot like Benihana (word)
With no drama while you try to bite like a piranha
I make ya wanna bounce

Bounce when you come to The Pack
I'm a carbonate your flow cause your style be soundin' flat
AKA constructor of a rhyme on a track
Conducted by Madlib invade your face like blowe bring it back
As I rock it slow with my lip socket
Lyrics scratch as I rock a show with simultaneous functions we create cause
We're the sure shot
The flow got you all hypnotized but if you're not...

[ WildChild]
Yo WildChild straight rearranin' all your drums
Ya niggas from the slums
Step up ya wanna hum?
As I take ya ass way back when blacks was like chillin'

To late for that now


Brothers be mad killin'

Yo I'm livin' hip hop day to day cause I feel it
Can't understand wack MCs out there they try to kill it
I'll steal it take it home package it and seal it
Bring it out on a daily basis and fry it on a skillet
Question will it will it last forever?
Can't compare it to the past never
We use to touch the mic uplifting MCs on the rise
From wimpy abstract and then straight up vocalize

Most people nowadays talk about representin'
It's cause they smoke Phillys act ill gettin'
Bent in the ways of the industry mad shady tension
Yeah most niggas trippin' off the ill joints we inventin' (what?)
Whether you in Texas, L.A., or Trenton
Alaska, Nebraska, Japan ya have ta
Know the difference from a fake MC to a real MC
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