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Paroles de la chanson Likwit Fusion par Lootpack

Sup with all these wack niggas man?
Telling me bout hits and shit
They don't even know the meaning of no hit

Beyond regular, this L.A predator
Using MC's like the keys on the register
These multiple combinations I bring
Me and the mic goes together
Like a finger and a diamond ring
Who laughs first, laughs least not last
And I'm that nigga who laughs last
Shitting on a phonograph, my path
Miraculous like calculous, pass me the rock
On the court you can't handle this

If MC's don't know, If y'all niggas don't know
If my niggas don't know, If ya girlies don't know
If y'all brothers don't know, If y'all sisters don't know
About the Likwit Crew, how will you know?

Well it's the slider, the slipper, the malt liquor sipper
The nigga in the corner waiting for this turn to rip ya
I'll flip it to the mode with that wino rhyme flow
I know ya niggas be bouncing to my vinyl
Cuz people, Rico got everything you need
If ya niggas got the chickens, I got the bird seed
I'm here to make ya bleed with the lyrics of tomorrow
With the Cisco, the Hennesey, and Silver Duck, Sapporo
The vodka, the brandy, the rum and *fucking* Coke and
The zig zags in Vegas for that chronic straight from Oakland
This beat's not redundant off the SP1200
Tash has mastered more styles than *motherfucking* Bernie Grundman
The beats make me tweak everytime I speak, you can't take the heat
Y'all niggas need to turn the other cheek, the L-I-K, the W-I-T
Y'all niggas better go and rush that Lootpack LP

[Wild Child]
Some brothers never had that inner soul capability
Their ineligibility back fired on their ability
To step inside of an unknown underground facility with papes and props to
You was the only one with a mic in your hand claiming you rocked the *shit*
Like a lunar eclipse, as soon as it clips to ya mind state that
Jack rhymes great, black, like strikes umpire takes back
As I get underground like CIA's, I be's dope, IC's like cops always need
Wild Child, come and kick a freestyle, yeah, I'll make ya head swell up
When Helen Keller, tell 'em a story, Wild Child style's relevant
All you pop heads drop dead and focus on my flows
It's a matter of speaking when Wild Child be freakin' at the shows
Now uh, speaking for my bro's, when we spit *shit*, you spit *shit*
But you still get mad confused, messing with the Likwit Crew
Female virgins out there, big up, props, I like sex
But I spread endurance, influence, and assurance upon my mic check
So let's just break it (break it) break it (break it) break it down like
(Oh-Ooh) break it (break it), break it (break it) break it down like this

Brothers with skills, no bills, no shows
Go for what you know unless you got no flows
Can the Likwit Crew MC's be defeated? (Hell no)
It's the Liks and the Pack and we ready to blow

Yo, I was a B-boy before I got my first piece of *ass*
Before I ever put the rum and Coke in the glass
Before I even met my niggas E-Swift and Tash
Before I ever had a shadow of a mustache

It's the ill loop digga nigga leavin' lyric lash like a whiplash
For y'all niggas is only here for cash
It's the Likwit Crew, we keep it poppin' like '85
While in '97 a lot of brothers be shady I
Keep it to myself like my wealth stacked, dolo phat
Rollin on this track with my nigga Ro got my back, cuz...

[J-Ro ]
If loopin' was hoopin', Madlib would have hella ups
I be pourin' rhymes into styrofoam cups
And passing them out to everybody at the show
I'm not on the rocks, just a straight J-Ro
I'll get your body movin' like a sauna
Full of pirhanas, I'll make your grandmamma wanna hit the marajuana

While I'm on the next level, hittin' like I wanna
Comin' like I'm Roland Hannna, gettin' iller than Madonna
Madlib the bad kid, all up in your earhole
Grab off the gold and then transmit the soul

I'm a let it be told what the Lootpack means to me
It's the return of the emcee
So Defari Heru from the Likwit Crew
Tell the party people how you do (Yo) what you do...

Yo... my Notebooks always in my brain
I mean even if fly, my mind forget a line
I still remember names and phrases
And endless pages of lyrics that are spirits
That's why I'm Likwit Crew member to the fullest
Defari, bust back with the Lootpack rock the Palm alot
That's why these broads grab my arm a lot and hold it tight
Flossy A's and money A's all night
I'm low kizzy on the rhyme be weekly
Then I'm up at tops they say teach me
And so I do teach the truth to the youth (Meanwhile)
Back at the lab, brand new singles are hits
This Lootpack *shit* straight Likwit...Fusion dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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