Paroles de la chanson Rhyme Tyme par Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

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Paroles de la chanson Rhyme Tyme par Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

{Marley Marl}
Ladies and gentlemen
Back by popular demand
We got Kool G Rap and Polo
Singin it is now
Rhyme Tyme

{Kool G Rap}
I be funky to a junkie cause the rhyme is dope
I use my microphone wire like a cowboy rope
So I can lasso any rapper that think they can cope
And the microphone is my horror-scope
Magnificient and excellent cause I'm no scrub
I could rock in a club with only one light bulb
All I need is a mic and a crowd to react
And I'll turn a damn jam into Radio Shack
All suckers in a place I'll erase and replace
Just in case you wanna copy and trace
My word is superb, intoxicates like herb
Orally, musically, and mentally disturbed
Soundwaves are outrageous
I'm brave and courageous
Fillin up pages for ages and ages
Released to rock, too acquiesced to shock
All biters get writer's block
When it's rhyme tyme

To play this game you gotta be a rap pro
It's not dominos or tic tac toe
It's the rhyme tyme game, it challenges the brain
Strategy is the key to unlock the chain
My lips do not chat when I start to rap
Project my voice so loud, my tonsils flat
Excellence defense on the phonograph
Is DJ Polo, he's cooler than Shaft
Fresher than a item that you find inside a deli
Fatter than the man that they call the Fonzarelli
Colder than a icey, hotter than chili
Rap in every language, I can say it in Suaheli
My body has a flavor, girls says I'm lickable
Daffy Duck-MC's call it despicable
I say it's similar to fat, incredible
I got a taste, but it's not edible
I'm goin down as a MC champ
Kinda wet on the set, but it's just damp
Some day you'll see my face on a US stamp
Like Evil Knievel I jump and I ramp
In my rap I'm like an other Johnny Dangerously
I can do two things simultaneously
I can rap real fast and speed it up, and not a word you'll miss
I can slow - down - at - times - just - like - this
I can rap, stop - start it again
Then count to ten
With a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
So there, my friend
I can box, do karate, or even do judo
Rap in spanish, but I'm not Menudo
Ask me why I classify
My rhymes will terrify
It's rhyme tyme

Now I could rap to your sister
Or rap a tongue twister
Those who wanna bite it, it makes your lip blister
Cause I'm the guidin light, I recite on the mic
For parasites who bite it's gonna be frightnight
Mighty microphone phantom, my rhymes are fiery
Because of biters I write em in my diary
So don't dare, my idea is ideal
Polo is on the wheels of steel for real
??? this division the like micanician
What I wrote is voted unanymous decision
Eardrums are struck when he conducts a cut
If a sucker deejays, he gives an uppercut
Just like a dog Kool G Rap will train
Every bitin MC that went insane
At the top I will maintain
I'm not a lamebrain
I leave a bloodstain to show I give pain
Not a skinny dipper, a fat rolly-polly
My hair is very curly, it's like a ravioli
I'm very good at physic, and also scientific
My rappin has a meanin just like a hieroglyphic
The rhyme is very hot, you gotta blow on it to bite it
Sometimes I just recite it, but usually I write it
Girls make me grow just like Pinocchio
Before the show I go: "Geronimo!"
Makin a video inside the studio
Never had the chicken pocks, the measels, mumps or polio
And you'll be sorry when you bite what I create
You say to yourself: "i shoulda had a v-a"
Like the mayor I'm a ???, love Pina Colada
In Copacabana with cherry and banana
Captivate your mind at the drop of a dime
My name is Kool G Rap and it's rhyme tyme dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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