Paroles de la chanson All Alone par Gorillaz

Paroles de Damon ALBARN, Simon TONG, Brian JOSEPH BURTON, Rodney hylton SMITH

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Paroles de la chanson All Alone par Gorillaz

Snatch a piece of my pondering
Distant far like yonder in
Skin of my tute like
Skin of my boot like
Fly in soup like
Where's the waitress
Can't take this
Can't face this
These airs and all these graces
It's my mistake I make it
Straight up to the boom I bake it
Bounce wiggle, bounce wiggle
Shaking all the pains out
Chemical cut throats
Bound to blow the brains outs
Hurts to the pain

This ain't no game
I feel no shame
I birth this pain
I twist the cain
I twist again
I push the plain
It's plain as day
Known to what the sayer say
Known to what these doers do
It's you and who and you know where
We about to take it there
We about to make it clear
We happy on we lonesome
The lone heart
The beat drum
The start the finish
Ten spoon of spinach
The soul and spillage

The cup that runneth over
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