Paroles de la chanson N.Y.C. par Fred The Godson

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Paroles de la chanson N.Y.C. par Fred The Godson

Oh shit
It’s going down

It’s the home of the world trade
Home of Biggie Smalls
Home of Michael Jordan
Sean Connery
Big Pun
Big L
TB yea

Welcome to New York City, hip-hop’s birth certificate
Home of the cypher, word for significance
We started in the streets, now we paid to do it
Try and bring heat, act a wayne, it’s a different way to do it
`Cus now you slave in the home
We got the cold in a time, stop playin Jerome
You know that God’s watchin, balls poppin
Probably hit Trinidad hard but not Hopkins, it’s boxin
Right, you know Felix, Trinidad
I’m gunning after whoever I feel who licks Trinidad
Should offend me right, that’s why I’m grabbing it
Because that emcee’s like not having it
Wait, `cus you think that is no biggie
Yall gon say whatever and it’s no biggie
Or `cus Pun ain’t in attendance
Yall gon say whatever, no pun intended
Rest in peace Big L, I’m reppin as well
Stop playin with these bird niggas, Kevin McCall
Violate, I annihilate, specially if you say
You a act, Will Smith, you an enemy of the state
Maino checked you on Twitter, salute that’s my nigga
That’s how we all feel, now you gotta deal with the spitter
Frederico, I’m New York’s slick talker
King Arthur of the authors, I’m hardening what you offer
I’m still a mystery
Might be the most underrated in rap history
Still put you through misery
I put in work for the statue
Don’t make me drive everything so I can catch you
Things gotta change in this town
I don’t care about politics, I’m holding it down
It’s where it come from, this is how we spit it
New York City my nigga, never forget it dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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