Paroles de la chanson REAL TALK par DD Osama

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Paroles de la chanson REAL TALK par DD Osama

[DD Osama]
Notti what? Bet that up, I'ma slide through BK wit' a all black truck
41, shut it down, 'cause we smokin' on Lay, that nigga ina pound
Why the fuck is y'all takin' Move dance
41, y'all niggas is fans
I'm wit' Dudey and Sha, I bet they let it blam
He try to run I bet I'll make 'em dance
Grah, ayo Ddot, who that?
Put the dot on his friend
If we miss then we spinnin' again
Too deep on the bend tryna catch us a M, grah
And I'm smokin' that dead nigga mother
Nigga mad she six feet under
Bend through the 4 have 'em duckin' for cover
If we can't find him we killin' his brother

Word to bro, I'mma flick, they don't gotta ask
No ski, do a drill in my covid mask
Threw shots at the opps, they ain't throw 'em back
Lotti, BG, we rollin' that
Lost bro that shit turned me a demon
Some nights I be sittin' and thinkin'
Late night I be sippin' and drinkin'
He catch a shot, I got that boy singin'
Life hard that shit is a job
Gotta stay true 'till you find you a budget
I'm out on a bell, I got caught with the ratchet
My fam need me, got faith in his rappin'
Brodie got signed, he bought him a wallet
Fuck Molly, that nigga a cop
Hop out, I'mma clip 'till he dropped
They know my name, it's shots after shots

[Sugarhill Ddot]
Call up dudey and we throwin' a shot
Like hold on, let's spin through the tubes
Smokin' Matt, that boy got a kick
While I spin through the A, I ain't leavin' no clues
JayKlickin with me, he ain't leavin' no witness
For lil Notti, you know that we sinnin'
Hop out, we gon' get him
Throw every shot at the Glock 'till it's finished
Don't forget that I smoke on Rah Rah
He a dummy got hittin' his matta
2 shots make him do the cha-cha
Got a body I know she a papa
No cap, I'mma stay on the block
Catch a 9, now you know he get shot

You say you a stepper, you don't really step
I'm that nigga, gon' put you to rest
Bend through they blocks have them niggas runnin'
He get shot If he yellin', "What's gunnin'?"
Bitch I'm JayKlickin', showin' that I'm stuntin'
Ima up over my right
Don't forget I'mma flock with my life
If they talkin' on Notti, I'm leavin' a mess
Been through, hop out gang
We was parkin', tryna catch a stain
Yeah, couple of opps we get put on a chain
Lil Ddot got aimin' for your brain
In a stoley, by my doley
Where the niggas that's yellin' out ey way
We drive, had oota catch a PD
All black, skied up, they can't see me dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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