Paroles de la chanson Notti Gang par DD Osama

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Paroles de la chanson Notti Gang par DD Osama

[Dudeylo, Edot Babyy & DD Osama]
Suck my dick, nigga
It's that Dudeylo nigga, suck my dick, you heard?
Every opp shot
Ayo Dudey', pass me the fuckin' knocks (Ahh)
Grrah (Ahh)

[DD Osama & Dudeylo]
I'm wit' Roscoe, and he totin' the knocker
He get shot if he throw up a Flocka
Spin through the Sev, we yellin', 'We got one" (Rrah-rrah)

Like, you can shot if you talkin' on Notti
Lee, Gas, Bobby
Blay, Rip, Nazzy
Visit his grave just to dig up his body
Play your block, don't die right there
We know where you at, we gon' slide right there
Shot after shot, throw nine right there
He got hit for throwin' up signs right there
Ayo Paco, why the fuck is you sayin' my name?
Like, you don't take risks for your gang
You a bitch, stop chasin' the fame
Nigga passed through ya' block and you ain't do a thing
That's on bro, I was takin' them trips
Ayo Dami, you know what I did
That was me, in OG, you coulda' performed
But instead, you was duckin' ya' wig
Benz, J.O, Matt, kick
It's like so many names in my spliff
And tell, Shh, to go pick up his face
Hop out, now it's time to play chase
Switch on me, shit sprayin' like mace, rrah-rrah-rrah
And brodie told me, "Don't stop, keep rappin'"
Notti died, I was hurtin', real sadness
And they know on that block, I was blackin'
Me and DD, you can ask on what happened
Like, fuck all black, do a drill in some fashion
Fuck Lee, nigga gone like magic

[DD Osama]
Yo Dudeylo, let's spin through they block
Tryna put a Gunna on his top
DayDay in public, send shot after shot
Call up [Pezo?], you know that's the rock, grrah
I bet Ddot gon' get if I tell 'em
On the block, tryna flick every petal
Spin through the Sev, tryna flock at a revel, grrah
Actin' lit, now they all showin' faces
Free the bros up top, fightin' cases
Like, my niggas all rap, same paces
So many opps got hit, can't name 'em, like

[Sugarhill Ddot]
I just threw, Dudey wit' me, he totin' a chop
Try to run up and you know I'ma flock
Ayo Roscoe, who that?
If he say the wrong thing, he get shot in his back
Ayo Melly, you a bum
Stop puttin' my name in y'all track
When I see you, I'm lettin' it clap
I'm smokin' on Rah, he went out in the back
No cap, can't go out like Ray
He a bitch, he got shot in his face
When we spin through the Two we ain't leavin' no trace
See a opp, swear I'ma up it and flame
Talkin' on Notti, you know he get shot
Smokin' MS, got put in a box

"Ahhh", that's what you heard when he got shot
Hang out the V, tryna dump at his mata
I can't wait 'til I catch me a Flocka
What you know about bendin' that block?
Me and bro two deep wit' two knocks
Shot after shot, opp after opp
Keep clickin', I tell 'em, "Don't stop"

[DD Osama]
We the face of the city
Catch Mali, we do 'em like Rippy
Stop sayin' our names in y'all tracks
Lotti, Rah, packed

[Sugarhill Ddot, Dudeylo & DD Osama]
It's lil' Ddot, you know that I'm back
Hang out the V, tryna click off a Makk
Matt, Lotti, Ray
Rippy, Nazzy, Blay (Dead, dead, dead)
Like, Kurt, got shot in his face
Try to run up, you know I'ma spray

[Edot Babyy]
Rah got clapped in the whip, nobody did shit
When we spin through the Two's, who bitchin'? I'm off the hit
I'm smokin' on Rite, lil' boy get to see the light
Try to run up, nigga, I don't fight
SevSideK, y'all just for the hype, fact
Yo DD, get 'em
Hop out the V, lil' bro won't miss 'em
Shots to they bod', I bet he go missin'
Back out the cane, you know I'ma blitz 'em

[Roscoe G]
Like, how can I go out like
He went out like a bitch
How many niggas done died on they strip?
Tweak on the beat, tryna make this a hit, like
When you run into me, what you gon' do?
Sped back, tryna do 'em like Lu, grrah-grrah
Like, Kee and Gaddy
That's two opps that went out badly
Lotti screamed, "Please don't stab me", grrah
Lotti screamed, "Please don't stab me", like, like

[Jstar Balla]
Grrah, grrah, like
Don't you think, I got a stick
Talkin' on Notti, get hit in ya' shit, like
DD wit' me told 'em, "Pass me the grip", like
Like, all these dead niggas in a spliff
Like, glah, where they at?
Late night, tryna spin through the Jack
Like, get low, in a stat
And she on my body, she know that I'm Mat
Next nigga talk hot, I'ma to lose it
If he talkin' on Notti get lit like a loosie
She on my body, she want me to do her
In the back of the V, she gon' gimme medula
Bend through they block so we gotta manuever

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