Paroles de la chanson On Hots 2 par DD Osama

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Paroles de la chanson On Hots 2 par DD Osama

[DD Osama, HoodStarDotty]
Grrah, grrah
41K, aaaaah
Grrah-grrah, bang
Every opp shot
Who that, who that

[DD Osama]
Bitch, I'm winnin' I'll do what I want
Me and Dotty too deep wit' a V wit' a gun
I'ma spin through ??? 41
If I see that lil' dyke, put her in a blunt
And I'm smoking they deads
Mix it with lay, cause they got me fed
Nigga got poked in the face and leg
And them niggas is pussy they never have bent

[HoodStarDotty, DD Osama]
Niggas is pussy ain't never gon' spin
Hop out, throw six
Bitch ??? demon tryna let it rip
??? Notti we making him trip
??? what?
Tell that nigga his mom in a blunt
And I call up Klickin to deal with the lil' niggas that keep talkin' on us
Ayo DD, who that?
He 41, bullets hit his back
They did that lil' dance, they can't take it back
Notti Bop in the spot, that's on bro you get packed
Ayo Dotty, who that in that V?
PTSD, made a nigga squeeze
That's KR, bullets make him lean
Nowhere to run when I turn on the

[DD Osama, HoodStarDotty]
Like, ayo Dotty, who that, who that, who that
Come on my heart, pass me the knock, pass me the knock
??? watch out
Hol' on, hol' on, that's them, that's them
Ayo, ayo throw, throw
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