Paroles de la chanson Remember When par Claude Francois

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Paroles de la chanson Remember When par Claude Francois

Remember when
The days were spent in loving you
Remember when
The nights meant more then dreams
My souvenirs are tears
Each time I think of you
For you are everything
That true love means
Now I'm alone
I touch a girl who touches me
Michelle, Marie, Samantha, Sall and Sue
No more or less
I wear a mask of happiness
I really must confess
They always look like you

Remember when
The morning found you close to me
Remember when
We couldn't bear to part
The nights are long
Now you are far away from me
And, yes, I never want
The day to start

A photograph a letter die with memories
Such Things as these
To last my all life tune
Remember when
Is all I ever want to do
For I'm in love with love
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