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Paroles de la chanson Kanga par 6ix9ine

Stressing, oh bitch I'm stressing
Mama saying "Don't cry, count your blessings"
I can't sleep, I can't sleep
Hey, Michael
I can't, uh

I can't sleep, just took 'em off the team
Had to break it down to three, get with me
Prayed to the lord that he'd watch my family
Thinking this bitch gon' wait on me
Hope my fans remember me
Hope my friends remember me
Niggas don't switch up on me
Can't tell me shit, 'specially not no bitch
Ten for ten with this shit
I'ma still drop these hits
I'ma still pop my shit
Got a Draco with the kick
Glock .30 hollow tips
Ride around with that shit all on my hip
See an opp, let it hit
Lately I been on some suck my dick shit

I stay high, for the in forgot
I don't need ya, yeah I'm fly
And a parasite, I'ma beat ya
I'm that guy, we on suit and tie
Matching clean, uh

This be the code, gotta ride with a bow
Gotta stay ready for the smoke, 'cause niggas tryna take my soul
I can't go, thought niggas was my bros, but they changed though
Niggas don't know shit 'bout that
How the fuck a nigga switch like that?
Gotta ride with a stick like that dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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