Paroles de la chanson Niggas Be Scheming par 50 Cent

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Paroles de la chanson Niggas Be Scheming par 50 Cent

[50 Cent (Kidd Kidd)]
Niggas be schemin', fiendin'
To cut your jooks, take off the hook
I come through there, look how they look
I'm ridin' leanin', they dreamin'
They do me dirty if they could
I'm lookin' like I wish you would (Try me, go 'head, try me)
Niggas be schemin', dreamin' (Try me have you hooked to I-V)
Niggas be schemin', dreamin'

[Kidd Kidd]
Mad niggas wan' do me dirty, I'm fresh out the tub
You move like a snail you deserve to catch a slug

Man I wake up huggin' my bitch
One with that extended clip, not the one that I'm with
If you all made man, then you know shit real
They got change on Lil Mike, I ain't trynna see him killed
I told 'em that's my cuz, I don't wanna see nothin' happen to him
Cause when I start spittin' at 'em, I ain't rappin to 'em
Now I'm jumpin' in that water like a diver
Six shot survivors, school of hard knock scholars
These niggas ain't riders, they hiders, they cowards
I feel like 50, hold power of a dollar
I told my nigga give me one of them bullet-proof trucks
I want you dumb enough to try and shoot it up

I'm lookin' at the nigga lettin' off
Wait until you finish the clip, laugh then pulled off

[50 Cent]
It sounds like a nightmare, I graduated from fightin'
Play the projects faster than the 32 man indictment
See my baby blue Ferrari make 'em feel like the virus
In they stomach, I keep it one hundred, I make 'em vomit
I got a code name for straps, sacks in the trumpet
I get to blowin', the ears will ring for days when I dump it
My bullet wounds call 'em beauty marks

And my ho we don't talk to narcs
So the first 48 the clock tickin', the plot thickens
The charge, cocaine possession, I'm creepin' with a firearm
The D's don't even wanna see me, with a firearm
Before I go back again, I'mma let it off
They ain't got to pop first, fuck that I'mma set it off
I need a mental eval, somethin' wrong with my brainwaves
I'm rich as a motherfucker still ridin' with a AK
Picture me comin' through lettin' a nigga play me
When I got all this bread, bitch it's off with ya head, ASAP

[Kidd Kidd]
I had to be slippin' to let this clown hit me up

Now I gotta walk around with this shit bag for months
Now I don't give a fuck 'bout a bitch or a nigga
Startin' to treat my own brothers like they just another nigga
My clique got smaller and my clips got bigger
Condom on my heart, motherfuck your feelings
They call me Superman see I ain't supposed to walk
Better watch how you talk or get popped like a cork, off

[50 Cent]
See they ain't real as they seem and they schemin'
They fiendin' and dreamin', they geekin' and creepin'
They hear tires screechin', infrared beamin'

Niggas head leakin', what the fuck was he thinkin'?
Sounds of police, momma signin' new leases
You know you got to relocate her when you beefin'
I guess you're here for a real reason
Rah got hit like you got hit, but he ain't fuckin' breathin' dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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