Paroles de la chanson Real par Trippie Redd

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Paroles de la chanson Real par Trippie Redd

[Trippie Redd]
Wooooah aaayyy
Real nigga been a real nigga (haha)
Wooooah ayyy
Real nigga been a real nigga
Hangin’ with some shooters pop you like a pill nigga (hey)
I took that mofuckin’ Galil nigga
Yeah you talkin shit then blood will get spilt nigga
Good nigga I might just need the apron
And all these niggas fake as fuck I swear they on some snake shit
They wasn’t ready for trippie redd’s greatness
Now I’m ballin on some stupid shit
Long long way home I'm from a different planet like I’m ET
I beat the pussy up like a beat? No DP
Every time I’m in the pussy so deep
I beat the pussy till she so weak
Yeah the flow crazy and it's so discreet
Yeah I dare anybody to try me
Twin Glocks got them niggas looking Siamese
Smoking dope I’m looking Chinese
I dare y’all niggas come try me
I send a couple shots like a IV
You a lil nigga imma need some ID`
I dare y’all niggas come find me

[ Trippie Redd]
Balling like I’m Peyton Manning
Bad bitch tryna get up in them panties
Ima pop the pussy like a fucking xanny yeah
Haha, Like a xanny!
Ima sing to the pussy win a Grammy
Win a Grammy
Hop-hop in a venom nigga no Danny
No Danny Phantom (woah)
Woaaah ayyy
Real nigga been a real nigga
Woaaaah ayyy
Real nigga been a real nigga
Real nigga been a real nigga (sknny blu3 baby)
Got some real niggas that'll deal with ya (huh?)
Real nigga been a real nigga (real nigga)
Always stayed around some real niggas

Look I just got a new thang for the summer
Two seated coupe thang for the summer
When I skate through they callin me a stunter
But fuck that , I’m readied up all winner and that’s one hunnid
You an emotion nigga and that’s a bummer
I stay smarter and y’all just gettin dumber
Y’all make it easy , I’m chill inside of Italy and Brindisi
And when I spend they look like he another species
And lil niggas look like blue can you teach me
The white boys like man he’s beasty
I’m eatin' skinny nigga fat boy belly bitch I’m feasting
Show them how to do it I’m the teacher
Speak wisdom to a nigga i'm a preacher
They say i'm weird like I’m a creature
They gon' say this heart is just a teaser
(Ay) bunch of killers, murders, shootouts, the wild west
'round here be safe, get you a vest
And when you speak to me it better be about a check
And when i come through stay fresh to impress
Murders, killers, the wild west
Niggas still hatin' so i'm walking with clips
Killers with me, few bloods, few crips
Don't get caught in the mix, don't get caught in the mix
And it can always get bad in the summer, but it can get worse in the summer
Look we all living bad but somebody living worse this summer
So be thankful you can eat and quench your thirst this summer
And thank the lord you breath, cause you can get put in the dirt this summer

BLU3, huh? you hear me? it came out of me g, I ain't gon' flex, it came out of me, i said i can't fuck this up haha dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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