Paroles de la chanson Nasty par Trey Songz

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Paroles de la chanson Nasty par Trey Songz

First things first let me hop out this motherfucking reef
I ain't never gave a damn what a motherfucker say
Like Ye say ball all motherfucking day
It's some pussy, pussy niggas in the motherfucking way
She snappin while she twerkin in the goddamn mirror
She clap it, then I ask to see that ass more clearer
Do she get that work in the mirror?
Shake that shit like she Shakira
She do some tricks with the stick
She make that dick disappear
My niggas came home, got a couple niggas still in there
Caught em ridin dirty like a motherfucking Millionare
I just filled the safe up with some change like a mil in there
I just love yo face, I love your fram but ain't no feeling there

I pull up in something, ridiculous don't let your bitches see
I pull up with one, ridiculous might be your bitch with me
Niggas be hatin, oh boy they so sick of me
These niggas be fakin, I'm what they pretend to be

Come my way like motherfucking Fetty
Come through in it, have ya motherfucking sweating
Bumping on some old dog motherfucking cali
Just turnt 21, seems like these hoes ready
You gotta check, my nigga you gotta check
I spend yo check on my neck, I give the strippers the rest
She say she gotta invest, she want that booty and breast
She never gotta get wet, she say she do me the best
They say I gotta get back, I be like where did I go
They say that niggas is whack, I be like oh yeah I know
They be like let's take a trip, baby that pussy the passport
Don't I be stampin that bitch, maybe that's what they made for

We strapped in this bitch like the taz force
Pow! We stack I got cash for it
I'm palmin this 30
The judge and the jury, ain't nothing that we gotta ask for
But she add me on to like I asked for
Bobble head like she stick to the dashboard
Suck a bowling ball right through the sippy cup
Only 7 a.m.. shots fired already
Ain't been woke 5 mins and I'm high already
Fuck niggas post to kill me, he done lied already
If he was really bout that life, I'd been died already

I got models blowing dope, watch they eyes get low
She say pull over then she ride on the side of the road dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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