Paroles de la chanson Say It Back par Tory Lanez

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Paroles de la chanson Say It Back par Tory Lanez

Yeah, nothin' bigger than the Umbrella
Yeah, yeah (Perfect)
Forever, you just gotta feel me, nigga
Lil Tory (Cannon)

Told my bitch I love her, she ain't say it back
My heart, I can't play with that
Fuck it, that's that, and we made it that
Runnin' through the trap to find my re-up, tryna make it back
BM trippin', I'm just tryna cop my son his favorite snacks
Love from the Crips, Bloods, and GDs
Scammin' out the bank, I made like fifty thousand on TD
In this trap, my homeboys my heart, but shit, I gotta move greedy
Got a budget for the lawyer, can't stop lose with this PD (Perfect)
'Cause we tryna get more than rich, fuck the fame and all the glitz
My bitch ain't had tits, so I bought her tits
I'm a lil' older, so I'm older 'til I taught the bitch
Boy, I woulda swore that she was loyal 'til I caught the bitch
I won't trust a soul, it's just me and my poor, playin' position
On that road, watchin' jack boys close
Gun closer than the sirens, see if them boys try me
Bitch, I'm openin' to fire, catchin' bodies like corona in the virus, nigga
Weed bought the Rolex, crack bought the buss down
Trappin' did a home run, scammin' did a touchdown
Thinkin' 'bout my son now, know I gotta stay alive
'Cause I done let him down like four times and I can't make it five
Cops from a naked eye, watchin' in a foreign
But we movin' neat, the DA can't grant them no warrants (Perfect)
The Birdman with me like Wayne in New Orleans
Rainin' and pourin', ragin' and warin'
Prolly lost my bitch to a athlete
Fuck it, I'ma pull up with another bitch, mad fleek
I remember Crystal done told me I was mad weak
From that day, I never let another bitch embarrass me (Perfect)
I had to wear the same drawers
Goin' out for weeks and nigga stank, but this shit paid off
Flexin' like I own the rental, nigga, I had to play it off
Hoes I put this dick off in this hole just like I'm playin' golf
Anytime I ran up out of work I sold 'em drywall
I was broke and threw it on the scale 'cause I can't eyeball
Homie, I just came from bein' homeless, that's a sidebar
That's why with this rap shit I be focused, can't take time off
Boy, I'm not a killer, but don't push me, that's on my momma
To my killers out there swimmin' in the deep end
'Fore he knew that nigga drowned 'cause he was deep in
Scoreboard, bitch, you playin' on the defense
My lil' niggas catchin' bodies every weekend
My lil' shooter made the movie with the sequence
Play with us and we gon' turn that nigga pretense
In the foreign, picked him up from out the precinct
'Cause he gon' still put in that pressure 'til the beef ends, ayy
I wanna cheat but I'll prolly kill her if she cheat on me
Homicidal thoughts don't mix with Gs on me
Plus I be with Gs, homie, stick hot like ninety-eight degrees on me
Trigger finger itchy like some fleas on me
Sleepin' on my nigga sofa, sleepin' on the floor
I couldn't even tell a bitch, "Come over"
Now it's ??? all on my body like my melatonin
Niggas took the stand, I can't believe them boys were tellin' on me
Street shit is hella phony, yeah
Look in my eyes, you see I'm dodgin' all the demons
Came a long way from swipin' frog cards at all the Neiman's (Perfect)
I was plottin' and schemin', poppin' bad beans and shit
I thought it, then dreamed it, turned it to reality
This a fatality, killin' any nigga sayin' he got the same style as me
I'm the only rapper sayin' shit with no apologies
Pull up, you could holler, B
Your favorite rapper's shit just ain't as hot as me
Tory (Perfect)

Ayy, spittin' fire in the booth
Forgiato tires on the coupe
OGs lookin' at me like they inspired to be me
When I aspire to be you
It's crazy but it's true
Damn, yeah
Y'all know 310 run this shit, you know what's goin' on, nigga
Big U, big Umbrella
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