Paroles de la chanson Doomsday Fatigue par Tomahawk

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Paroles de la chanson Doomsday Fatigue par Tomahawk

Seek the light like a lost pilgrim
Smile and eat your sunshine vitamin
Blood river runs extra virgin
Candy mafia feeds the children
One esophagus, doomsday fatigue

Came marching out of your dark cave
Into glory ??? [1:28] unity
We all jerk off to the same thing
It's doomsday fatigue
It's doomsday fatigue
We're all fatigued
We're all fatigued

Got a birthing coach with a COVID smile
We labor alone today
What's reachin' out to you, mama
A closed fist or an open hand?
Unhappy hour time
Sometimes the truth don't rhyme
An audience of one
Go and look yourself
In the eye
And hope that you don't blink
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