Paroles de la chanson Bumbag [cd] par The Zutons

Paroles de Sean PAYNE, Abigail HARDING, David MCCABE, Russell PRITCHARD

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Paroles de la chanson Bumbag [cd] par The Zutons

Raise a glass now to the person who invented the word called scum
He was clever never foolish
And he knew where you came from
You're a bumbag, an infection
And you never let ya standards slip
Coz ya standards are so low down like the pavement you find when you trip

But I won't trip over
Look over my shoulder
You won't get the better of me
The credit you owe me, respect you don't show me
All makes the better for me
Oooh you look so good from afar
Oooh but you're just a bumbag yes you are

You're a parasite
You're a virus you only ever make mistakes
Like a leper or a tapeworm
You only ever seem to take
Now you're livid with your language and everyone's avoiding you
Ask for money
Ask for cigarettes
Is all you ever seem to do

All my friends heads seem to go down whenever you decide to turn up
Feel so sorry for ya parents
When they see your face they must spew up
You're the blacksheep
You're the distance
You should keep your wits about you in town

Because one day it will kill you and
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