Paroles de la chanson I'm The King par The Game

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Paroles de la chanson I'm The King par The Game

I'm the King
And I be smoking
Welcome to my town
And I be smoking, (x2)

If I say we on one nigga
Then we on
And if I say we gone my nigga
Then we gone
And if I say we drinking
Then we drinking that patron
And if I say we rolling
Then somebody roll a zone
A-a-a-a-yeh (x4)

This shit right here nigga
How you smoking, how you choking, how you toking
While you rolling I be zoning, in the morning
Waking, baking while I'm yawning
It's that get low, Benzo, be careful around them rims ho
Run and tell your friends, that we about to get it in
And we smoking on this Indo
Let it breathe, crack a window
Blowing on this purple in this Enzo

What you smoking
Can't fuck with this shit that I be blazing
Walk in the store nigga
Eyes so low they probably think I'm asian
Redbone, red car
Ain't this bitch amazing?
Red hot, red bottoms
Spicy like she cajun
Red rims, red cuts
Looking like a st-a-ar
Tell a nigga ballin by the emblem on his c-a-ar
So f-a-ar
So g-o-ood
This is what they call me in the h-o-ood

You smoking, who got the flame?
Get high as them Chevy doors
When I'm rolling up paper planes
I'm just saying
Wipe your feet off before you step in the door
Been banging since '94
You didn't but now you know
Them bitches hitting the floor
Them switches hitting the floor
Them swishes is good to go
And that purple off in your throat, so, yo
You ain't noticed, this how we ride
And we can take this liquor outside

Zoned up, 'troned up
This is what you want bruh
Bottles up, lighters up
This some shit to smoke to, (x2)
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