Paroles de la chanson My Man par Tamar Braxton

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Paroles de la chanson My Man par Tamar Braxton


Oh you let me down
I was so confused
Stood right by your side
Through everything that you went through

Why is she around
Why are you so cruel
How could you just turn your back
When I stood by you
When you were broke I didn't leave you
Each time through it all I believed in you
No No No
My My
Because he will never hurt me
Let alone just deserve me my man

No No No
MY My My

Word around town
Is that you live with her
And you said she took your heart away
I told him that's a lie
I don't want to hear no bullshit stories about

(You can't stop the scream of reality)

No I just can believe that you're with her
She don't want to play before
Should've known before

I just can't believe she stole my man

She walked right in the door and
Looked me in the face and took my man

Eat dinner at my table even took care of her kids


Is this my life
To know the one I love could leave me fore a friend
She took my man

I was just a fool
Didn't want to see the truth

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