Paroles de la chanson Tuesday Mxrning par Scarlxrd

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Paroles de la chanson Tuesday Mxrning par Scarlxrd

These days I've been impatient
Bored of the same stuff
All through the waiting
Borderline crazy I'm so frustrated
I went the wrong way when my feet touch pavement
Bounce over hands like I'm waving
Fuck agents they're faces
Every day they replace them
Why would I stay complacent
Disengaging engagements, yeah
You niggas stop off the nameless
I'm so that's so fly no wavin'
Stamp my passport grab my payment
Get out the way off the way so it's paved in
Smokin' a spliff, crashing a German whip
Pull me over you're racist
All the oath's in my statements
They got me shook in amazement
I never follow the crowd
I walk back withstandin' the adjacent
They wanna reach out now
Well take your hand back 'cause I don't need savin'
I'm 'bout to gas, I made it
Shit's so close I could taste it
Roll with the dogs on wave behind
Behind bars like it's time that I'm facin'
I'm disturbed with it
You're not gonna get down with the sickness
Told my shrink that I love my image
And got up and left before the time finished
Wanna talk 'bout five more minutes
I know what I want and how I'm gon get it
Prime of my life locked down in buildin'
Playin' the game of life into real shit
I don't see nothin' in front of me, you better follow me
Leader we stackin' apologies, I do not kick it with wannabes
I'd rather spit than do comedy, that's just a part of me
I'm 'bout to let it out honestly
Setting myself with a wide list of oddyseys
That shit can never come back, it's not me
I get that shit for the cash, honestly

I've been workin' hard, why should I spend a day? yeah
I like gettin' paid, swipe my card that way, yeah
I've been workin' hard, why should I spend a day? yeah
I like gettin' paid, swipe my card that way, damn

That drinker, full-time overthinker
I get stoned and let my force linger
I don't know why I do this either
I got the success diva
Came with seizures, killin' off leaders
No more breathers, one-time dealer
Still no features, I'm that creature

I just sparked one
'Bout to sprint like a sawed-off shotgun
Chill where I come from
Move four kids
Don't care about conduct
You're not a bad man
You know someone, that knows someone that's never been locked Up
Self-esteem for my long run
Sweet to the face, to the lungs
I don't waste time on the wrong ones
Don't watch face, but this face has been bases
What grade? Yeah man's on it
I grind hard 'till I spot my profit
You ain't got nothing but the seats in your wallet
You may as well go sew out your pockets
Bars still spit from my mouth like vomit
I am a lord and I profit not modest
White and 6 and crash in a bonnet like ooh yeah
They're all washed up, washed up, damn uh
Feelin' like a makers, i've been cleanin' up, yeah uh
Chillin' in the city I was birthed from
These niggas always act like they the toughest dons, uh
Ridin' around my woes, damn
All of my girls want a check on me, eh
She still a fan of my work, uh
They wanna fuck now, yeah
They can chat now, uh
They wanna feel like a rider
I just bought your line, yeah
You're a dick rider
I just kicked down all the words that be in front of me, yeah
I feel like the man
All of these niggas will see it and follow me yeah
Fucking copycats (Pussy)
I'm running like a Wilder beast you can't catch me if you can, down
We don't deal with rats with kill them right there in the trap, yeah Yeah
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