Paroles de la chanson Santa Comes Again par Rittz

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Paroles de la chanson Santa Comes Again par Rittz

And now our feature presentation
It's Rittz bitch

I just finished cooking Christmas dinner for my parents
Mashed potatoes, baby carrots and a tin that's full of beef
December 20-something, don't remember, just ???
??? the kids have gone to sleep (Shh)
Mom and Dad was drinking Captain Morgan
Tad too many, had too many
Asked if they could pack a bowl, I told 'em "Fuck the weed"
"Let's do a dab instead", they've never tried a dab besides
Fuck, my mom was panicking, she was struggling just to breathe
Told my dad she wanna leave, told 'em "Don't forget your gifts"
They decided they too drunk to drive, ???
Told my wife, "It's finally me and you" I said "I got a secret too
I wanted to surprise you so I bought some ecstasy to do"
The neighbors on the side of us, a party in the street
It's true someone got too drunk and left and wrecked into a vehicle
Felt the small effects from all the X I took, was starting to peak
I was hard and she was drenched, can't believe she left my dick
It was big and stretching out the Grinches on my boxer briefs
Started getting freaky, doing shit we won't discuss again
Fuckin' in the wrong position 'cause a sudden muscle cramp
I had on a Santa hat, my beard was really scruffy then
Cracked a nut, said "That's enough 'til Santa comes again"

Ho, ho, ho
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