Paroles de la chanson Again par Rittz

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Paroles de la chanson Again par Rittz

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They like to hear that beat in the trunk
That Hitman Shawty Left North Atlanta
Hit Up ? Got A Grill By Scotty
Open Face Bottoms full of diamonds looking like a filter on the Pills I be poppin' got my eyes the size of a silver dollar when I'm on them
I keep my lids hid underneath a pair of Vintage Frames
I might get Surrounded people see me in the public get entertained
My Wife and I drinking sitting having dinner somewhere nice to eat
The waitress filmed us secretly didn't know it till i seen it on my IG Feed
I guess I would rather get recognized than not at all
Just because I seem cool don't be rude you crossed the line they gonna have to call the law when it's all done
Violent side of me, that i try to keep privately, might be easy to
Bring back to life ? try to wipe the dry blood of my Yeezy Boots
The G in the word Georgia stand for gangster cause it's gangster here
Put weights around your ankles so you sink when they throw your body in the Lake ?
Young kids having babies teenagers raised them so they ain't care
No they ain't scared they'll kill when in jail before they develop any facial hair
Got a private Uber driver she got ? waiting on me to catch a plane
I hit LAX and left baggage claim and I was Peeved to see that TMZ was waiting
If it's ? see my face on t.v. at the Air B&B we stayed at
Look at me I'm famous Mike D. addidas
M.C. I P-I-M-P the A
Scared of steamless facial like you at the Spa
That's Jaw treatment like the women on the cover of the Jaws sequel got her pussy splashing
That bitch must of took some cooking classes cause she's handling the meat like she butcher cattle
Bout to push the rental to the Vegas Strip
Politicking with the NAWF GAWD took me to the pot farm let me get a sample of the latest strain Ya-uh Yea

From where i was to where i am
Where im from to where i been
I thought the pain would never end
It's like I died and went to heaven
Yeah! Again!

I be smellin' like Paco Rabanne
On my fox fur Sean John
Eating Lobster ? the waiter recommended that I pair it with a Sauvignon blanc
When I got done I jumped
Up inside the hot tub I drunk
A couple cocktails of Rum
Then i snorted together drank another Irish Car Bomb
Might Retire young since i been the company dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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