Paroles de la chanson Courtin' Time par Prince

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Paroles de la chanson Courtin' Time par Prince

It's courting time
I've been holding back a good deal longer than I should have ought have
I bet you got the notion that I couldn't make up my mind
But now I'm ready to tell your mama that I got to get with her daughter
Put on your good dress, baby - it's courting time!
Every day I wait is just another day your baby's lonely
No matter what I'm talking about it always comes back to you (you)
I lost more friends this week because the only
The only one I want deserves the best, the very best that I can do

Put on your shopping shoes, honey - it's courting time!
Yes it is
Keep it right there
All the friends I thought I had found out they were not at all
With no regrets, the joy I get from knowin' that you're mine
A thousand times the victor (victor) I am (yes!)
Baby, baby, it's courting, courting, courting, courting time!
Get ready
It's courting time!
(Courtin', it's courting time!)[x3]
(It's courting time!)

Baby, now you going to know
What it's like when a boy truly loves a girl
(It's courting time!)
When I do that (do that), when I do that (do that), when I do that
I'm gonna make them honeys twirl (twirl)
It's courting time!
It's courting, courting time! [x2]
It's courting, courting, courting time, yeah!
Come on and get some, baby
It's courting time
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