Paroles de la chanson Lead the way par Patrice

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Paroles de la chanson Lead the way par Patrice

Gwan keep the faith
Jah lead the way
Gwan keep the faith
Jah lead the way

(Refrain) :
Jah Jah will lead the way
I will never go astray
Now that I know
That I'll be o.k.
As long as I keep the faith faith faith

Belong to a species dat is dyin' out
So we gots to keep it real ? yeah that's right
To go by what I feel ? it's all inside
See di heathen dam ah cryin' out

Ina di name of global peace
Oh what a joke thing
Unu better say it loud and proud

(I say)

[Répétition] :
we no want no false prophet's morality
we no want no commercial spirituality
we no want no form of ideology
nor no philosophy
that deal' with some sort of conspiracy


Scared ah who, scared ah what?
You sure it's me you come fi scare?
You must she mad

We move with powers way too fat
And you no look like you prepare?
dem promote death and we no believe in dat
spread confusion everywhere
but mi no care what name you want fi call your god
mom it's the god of love ? the god in us
enough ah that
you speak di truth and dem say you mad
or claim she you no cool
you get ridiculed
you get miltant and dem say you bad
boom ? there goes another fool
from you want your mule
and your acres them say you?re nuts
it's dem that make and break the rules
oh lord tell me which way to walk
dem say dem do things in your name

but I know they don't know you


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