Paroles de la chanson Pacman par Pariss

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Paroles de la chanson Pacman par Pariss

She's a bitch, let me talk my shit
Real bad chick, skinny, petite and a hit
Down in the trenches, sit down at the benches
All glowed up, these girls want some texts
Smiling in my face, ain't nothing to smile about
Grew up in the times where fame is what it's all about
We all like to giggle, don't bring it round me
Down at the bottom, but the top is where I'm meant to be
This is the real world, ain't nothing really how it seems
These girls all sticky tell 'em, sticky like creams
You can't dim me down, I shine like pearls
These girls is my cousins, I call them fangirls
Don't let me break you down and start getting technical
Bad lil thang, that's the 101 principal
These girls sleeping on me, one day I'll make you woke
You really don't want this smoke puff, you will choke

These girls all ghost, eat them up Pacman
Big voice, big dreams, big house; that's the plan
You girls like peas, come from the same pods
Vroom vroom speed past, taking all the good spots

Wildin while they're stylin', what are you, an animal?
The name's Pariss, where the P is capital
Come a long way from calling names
Now I'm right here where all the money's in the game
I'm the same little girl, that you saw down the line
You a nine out of ten, I'm a ten out of nine
Gotta blast off leave you all in the past
Let me sip up this wine, and watch you all like a forecast
All these girls like to watch like I'm the telly
I do a full 360 turn, that's deadly
I will leave you on read, just watch and see
Not the baddest girl yet that's what I wanna be
I'm sitting on the wall, you really think imma fall
It's okay tho, now watch how I get this call
Liking my vibe, you're not the only one
It's funny how my friends all seem to be gone
Trinkets here, trinkets there
I'm a diamond don't compare
I'll see you at the finish line, head up, take care
I won't be scared of you, I know I got potential
I'm right at the top top, celestial
These girls rapping sick shit, I think you need a medical
Wanna be by my side, no we not equal
No time for a part two, no time for a sequel
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