Paroles de la chanson Pain & Passion par P Yungin

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Paroles de la chanson Pain & Passion par P Yungin

(Okay, Kenoe)
(Aha, Malloy, is it you again?)

[Lil Dump]
I remember all them days when I ain't never have a dollar
Yeah, I knew we was gon' make it
Knew that pill was hard to swallow
Packin' streets headed on his own, tryna catch one of yo' partners
Sometimes, I say, "Fuck that shit," but, I know I got to keep my choppa
I watch my pain turn into problems, and, it's hard for me to solve 'em
I'ma keep my man's name alive until it's all done
Stay prayin', you know a youngin keep them shots around him
All 'em like they told me
All that shit they told me
Yeah, that shit bring back the old me
Got them bullets to leave 'em in the streets
Paranoia, ride 'round with the damn heat
My mama, she know that I leave 'em deceased
Ain't duckin' no smoke, bitch, I love the damn beef
It's the pain, the game, you know, yeah
Shots let off, I got a call my man's soul left in the streets
I can tell you 'bout my life story, some shit wouldn't believe
I can tell you I had it hard, shit was hard for me
Take a look up at the stars, one day, that's what I'ma be
Street life song, mama, take him inside when I'm out thuggin'
I don't feel dyin', but, I can't go, that's why I'm clutchin'
Feelin' like my partners tryna set me up, can't go for nothin'
Can't get caught up fuckin' 'round with these hoes, 'cause they don't love me
My pain run real deep, I lost my mans to the streets, and I ain't been the same ever since
Can't let a nigga steal me, my pain might kill me
I can't talk about my problems, it's hard for me to vent

[P Yungin]
I swear this shit so deep, sometimes, I can't even think at all
Some shots done hit his ass, and after that, that pussy bitch gon' fall
I'm loaded full of drugs, just want yo' love, so you better not trip at all
You say you know my pain, lil' bitch, you ain't even met my damn story
Take that pistol, and I draw it
Draw it on him, that shit gon' make him fall
And I miss my baby mama, why you ain't callin'?
How you leave me at my lowest, I was all in, all in
Been livin' life on the edge, can't fall in, can't fall in
I'm livin' a life of sin
Cut 'em off, I feel like they don't wanna see me win
Kept it a hundred, I only receive fifty percent
Who that? That's me with them shotters under that tent
PY gon' do it
Same people say they was there, they weren't there
I was finna take that lil' boy soul, but, had to learn that he ain't on care
Don't tell a lie to your brother, that's not the way you supposed to step
From all them rainy days, feel like my brain on the ground, but, it's still there
Better do that mission correctly, you don't need no help
She tell me her feelings still there
Trick that I wish that he was still here
I know you feel that life ain't real, but, best believe that life is real
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