Paroles de la chanson Trap Door par OneRepublic

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Paroles de la chanson Trap Door par OneRepublic

You say you’re a minute from the deep end
Then cut cold the courtesy, it's sink or swim now
And your body’s aching for a breath, I’ll give it to you
With a trap door to take care of all of them

Come away, come away now
You won’t stand from afar
When you hear me saying
Come away, come away now
Because you’re too close for me to call

I've seen the foolish shame the wise
You just kept quiet with his own surprises
And your Trojan horse is big enough to save them all
And you’re not a foolish one at all

Lost to found, do you know
You’re the victim of
Kick-slide your pose, let it go
You don’t need them
Only flesh, blood, and bones
We’re the same, you and I
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