Paroles de la chanson Hysterical Wife par Norma

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Paroles de la chanson Hysterical Wife par Norma

I curse and I blow things out of proportion, you're in the next room with your headphones on
I know you frown upon my "mood swings"
I'm hysterical too, you got the whole deal !
The Spirit and the Flesh were working till they didn't, I'm a stranger to your eyes now
Screws are loose, I refuse to arise.

Out of the few things I cherish I'll just keep a few
I'll pack up the Faulkner's and the Hemingway's too:
I don't need much where i'm heading to, no hopes, no plans
Only mysteries attend where i'm going to!
I'll speak to myself if I want to, I'll eat what i can if I need to
I'll love you in the craziest way I can...

You're the best thing I ever did see with my own eyes
The warmest skin I've touched with my greedy eyes
You know me too well and i hate myself so I can't let you love me
Now it's a pickle you bet! I must think ahead
Not treat you like a pet or my daddy just yet
Should I free you from the spell?
Let the princess burn in hell, forget about her

… I'm headed to the waterfalls, I'm taking the Fall
We're beating to our own drums, we're visionary both
I'm not sure how to end this song, I'll wait till you get back from work and see how it goes,
Your hysterical wife,
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