Paroles de la chanson Call from the Bank par Nipsey Hussle

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Paroles de la chanson Call from the Bank par Nipsey Hussle

[Nipsey Hu$$le]
Look, just got a call from my bank
To tell me that we hit again, keep doing my thing
The boys on fire money wires everyday
It's a natural known fact I'm the hottest in LA
It's All Money In, thats all I gotta say
Got em repping down in Diego, Las Vegas to the bay
Even on the east they never hesitate
They shouting out my words from the crowd towards the stage
And you know im getting paid, yeah you know im getting paid

Look, marathon life it's all about the pace
Lot of niggas running sprints but they never win the race
You don't see me at the shop, I'm probably outta state
In my fly hotel working on my mixtape
Standing on the couches later on that day
Champagne, models pouring bottles on their face
The S is for succcess and that's why I love the hate
They mad cause I can, and I'm happy cause they can't
Yeah, I'm happy cause they can't
It's that feel good, you know

Shout out to my enemies, shout out to the facts
We the ones that they pretend to be
Rappers with their gangbang identity
But imitation is the highest form of humility
Then my phone rang, it was Killa B
Thats a bad bitch, plus she get her cheese
Know I'm feeling her, I know she feeling me
But we dont even fuck, we do some different things
Take her to the turf, she trynna take me to her church
Just be yourself, thats the only way to make it work
Sweet cady drop top mercedes
Blowing that Obama with some old school, playin'
PCH, switching lane feels amazing
Life is everything that I said I would make it
Love my niggas, so bread I'm gon' break it
20 racks, 50 racks, 100 racks, run it back
If that ain't fly cripping, what the fuck is that
Type of life you know nothing bout
Gotta fly first class if you wanna talk
Louie on the duffle bag pick a airport
We can be there tonight baby therefore

You know, I gotta say, the motherfucking marathon continues

Late night, top off, her hair blowing in the wind, nigga smoking on that good
Feeling oh so hood, yeah, told you, yeah, this is volume one
Aight, Hussle, motherfucker, hey, Rallo
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