Paroles de la chanson Whiteman's Ballad par Moriarty

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Paroles de la chanson Whiteman's Ballad par Moriarty

I saw the whiteman coming
He's getting off his plane
He gets in his big land-rover
And heads from the mines
Go, Rosemary

I saw the whiteman coming
He's coming to steal
And he's coming to rape
And he calls it business

I saw the black man waiting
He's ready to rob his brothers
And to give away his sisters
For a couple of US dollars

I saw the black nurses wondering
Yeah wondering why, why, why
They keep sending all these white nurses
To take away their jobs

Then I saw Art and Tom coming
They get off the train
They're all geared up to record
And they're totally insane

I saw the white girls coming
Yeah coming to get
Oh what they can't get at home
It's cheap it's fun
And it don't last too long

I saw the businessmen coming
And cheating on their wives

With underage girls
Buzzing around their hives

And I saw you coming back a year ago
Oh won't you please, please tell me more
All about your voyage
All the things that you did
And all the people you met

Now I wanna know
All the cars that you drove
And all the girls you've been fooling around with

And I saw you
I saw you coming back
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