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Paroles de la chanson Symphony par Method Man

[Verse 1 - Method Man:]
I’m that OG, some of y’all know me
I used to cop greens from 4G
Nickels, dimes and oz’s
I’m like Thor’s brother, so low key (Loki)
I might swing a hammer, provoke me
Put a shooter where Ko - be
Tell ya like somebody done told me
Never trust nobody who owe me
And any wife is a trophy
If Meth the mortician, you know that shovel is on me
To put em in the earth, I do my dirt all by my lonely

[Verse 2 - Kash Verrazano:]
I’m all about the Benjy’s
But that bring jealousy and envy
Don’t trust niggas, they smile it seems friendly
I’ll be damned if i pass up
It’s for bricks when I mask up and run down
On em to get my cash up
Cash Verrazano J Reeds is getting lined up
Sam Rothstein when I lean slump with the 9 tucked
Come and take a trip to the dark side
Fuck around with pigs, they gonna find your body hog-tied
no guys saying they neutral but playing both sides
Homicide housing young cartel with dope tides
Your boy ain’t playing a little
Have em engraving a tombstone with your name in the middle

[Verse 3 - Carlton Fisk:]
Fugitive on the run, felony warrants
The police, kicking doors, question all the informants
Carlo, feeling like the war’s on and I’m running through hell
Blunt in my mouth, gasoline draws on
Vocals, got a laser beam, no other option for you
Die or embrace the team, offers that you can’t refuse
Hanz On music, mother fucker, yeah say it with me
Now get your smartphone, hater, and take a picture with me
Consigliere, no phones, Jimmy whisper to me
Ride ’til I win the war, Cops put a clip in me
Carlo’s, got killers on the payroll
Killers on the lay-low
Killers that will kill when I say so

[Verse 4 – Hanz On:]
There’s a war going on outside, nobodies safe from
I gotta get this money now, we gon’ take some
A politicing with these clowns, bout to shake something
I’m gonna hit em with the pounds, that’ll break something
Y’all better run and get your boots time tight black
Y’all fornicating with this money, get your life rap
Straight music, motherfucker cause it’s like that
I come and hit em in the dark, call it nightcap
And I be fucking with the starks, he my ace boon
Don’t let us catch you in these parts or we gon' bake rooms
And yo them cats you running with, yo they some fake goons
I’m bout to sweep em in the finals, gonna shake brooms
the situations getting chunky, tension mad thick
Like you could cut it with a knife, cloak and dag’ shit
Hanz baby, PLO on some Arab shit
My killahs coming with them cannons, bout to blast shit

[Verse 5 – Streetlife:]
Streetlife chip off the old block, the hard rock
Apply pressure to your neck ’til your heart stops
Got ‘em all lean like codeine, microphone fiend
I’m an addict, I’m addicted to rap cream
New day is dawning but I’m stuck in my old ways
Gave you fair warning, I’m reloading, okay?
I ain’t gotta say it’s on
Pop up at your front door, early morning
Guns drawn, like ding dong

[Verse 6 – Killa Sin:]
Cash, I get it up
My niggas, I can’t get enough
Won’t stop rocking ’til I’m sitting up on diddy bucks
A semi tuckin, witty fucker
picture getting city stuck
This city buck is sick of flipper
Motherfuckin’ city bus
Big whip, coasting
Throat stroking, slow motion
Slow groove, so smooth
Old school, Billy Ocean
Caribbean Queen, mean body
Dereon jeans
Cherry bomb, the way she blow me
She like heavy on dreams
Enough with the petty con schemes
I need Enron cream
Short minute before I end up with that Benz on lean dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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