Paroles de la chanson Good Evening par Mac Miller

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Paroles de la chanson Good Evening par Mac Miller

Uh, look
Good evening

When I party in New York, take the late night subway
Goin' out Friday to comin' home Monday
From all directions never find me on the one way flavor
The rhyme just the icin' on the cupcake fuck face
My fans notice these other rappers is bogus
I'm supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
And the boy stay, kickin' incredibly dope shit
Make my mama proud 'cause my clothes fit
Travel round the globe bitch, on my Lewis Clark shit
Don't matter where I live, 'cause I can tell you where my heart is
I just stay on my side, fuck where everybody at
Tell the planet, "Peace", 'cause I'm gone I ain't comin' back
Had the whole regular life I can tell you that I'm done with that
Try to build a mil' off a couple stacks
Own my own business, investin' all I got into these fuckin' raps
Willie Parker money, hand it off then it's runnin' back

Ayo you fuck wit' dat
Uh you gotta fuck wit' dat
You in love wit' dat
Look, uh, Mac Miller

Takin' sips from the fountain of youth
If you ain't heard about the kid then you out of the loop
As I'm sittin' back starin' at this world in my eyes
See out the window in my room that I'm hidden inside
I'm just a kid who stays speakin' his thoughts, talkin' his mind
Life a roller coaster but I stay along for the ride
Put my heart up on the page, and the song gonna cry
There's logic behind the way stayin' caught in a lie, boy
Ain't a shock that I'm a topic of discussion
Muhfuckers want my spot so they probably wish I wasn't
They give a little love like everyone does
In reality, they stoned off that competitive drug
And I don't blame 'em, 'cause those who above me, I'm gunnin' for
Try and make my way to the top, startin' from the floor
And I don't even need to bring a single gun to war
'Cause I be on some shit that they ain't never done before
Takin' over piece by piece, startin' from the core
It's only been a year, I can stick around a hundred more

Said I could stick around a hundred more
I ain't goin' nowhere
Young and so much time to go
Jerm, you might as well keep this one rollin'
I got like one more verse I haven't spit three verses on a song in a minute
See if I can remember this one
Aight look

You can find me in the lab workin' overtime
Smell the weed when you going by, global grind
And I ain't just a local guy
When you feelin' stressed out, have an L
Blow money, keep my lady decked out in Chanel
Live fast when I die better wish me well
Huh, I just hope they servin' beer in hell
Just an everyday story that I'm here to tell
So please, stick around for the epilogue
For anyone who ever blog, probably heard my name
Hip-Hop's underdog, you wanna win the game
I'm sick of hearin' how music change never be the same
And these dudes who think they everything and never pick a lane
Call yourself a vet, but haven't won a single game
Mad, every girl got my name imprinted in her brain
Boy, I'm a beast, match the style in bars
Find me smokin' weed where the wild things are

So I mean, I had to take this time
Real quickly, to just go in
I don't know man I feel like you should never stop goin' in on your shit
That's just me
I mean, Q and Treej out there we excited just makin' history
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