Paroles de la chanson Bar For Bar par Lil Yachty

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Paroles de la chanson Bar For Bar par Lil Yachty


You a flunkie, you ain't gotta talk 'bout this shit, yeah, nigga, we get it
Yeah, that AP cool, but it's gon' be better when I get it
Smoking 41 with the Sharks, but I ain't swimming
Folks high as hell, that nigga fried, but he ain't chicken
Thick hood bitch, I ain't pay her rent, I just bought her some inches
Vivienne Westwood jeans, nigga, I don't rock Amiri
Might as well put your partner on a milk carton because he missing

[Lil Yachty]
Nigga can't hit my cup, this ain't Food Network, he not Guy Fieri
Kick a bitch out, huh, bitch ain't fucking, she keep saying, "Period"
Huh, bitch too bad, huh, carry my kids just like she a surrogate
Fucking a bitch, she thirty years old, she doing her taxes
Double my cup, polluting that bitch with a pint of molasses
How the fuck am I supposed to remember your face? I'm flying from city to city
Had a lil' bitch, booty was bigger than hell, but her titties was itty-bitty
Boys with me moving around with a fifty, all of my niggas gon' hit
Brand new Glock, came with a sight on top, tickle it like a clit

Old Ricky, yes, I'm with the boys, but I brought them bowls with me
Pretty Ricky, it's five in the morning and I got some hoes with me
Stack of twenties, count these hundreds, fifties, or go play with titties
Pour fours in twenties, nigga trying to be me, fry him like zucchini
Boat, I fucked up, I spilled a eight up in the Lamborghini
Now I'm pissed off 'cause that was supposed to go up on my kidney
PT me, ???[1:10], now I feel like Pinky
Big pun, bitch spilled my cup, brought me back my funds
Down to one, six in my pop, I feel like the one
Compare to none, bring gunners to his block, they had so much fun

[Lil Yachty]
Pool party, dope like Jeff Hardy, brodie got six bodies
Chrome Rollies, used to rock stolies, now I roll Rolls Royces
In the trunk a stable, eight hundred horses, look like I breed ponies
I can see a play from eight miles away, think I breathe money
G6 got me growing wings like I'm abnormal
Every car dealer in Atlanta know my first name
We all did business
Used to count pennies
Now I'm up, fucking up my kidneys
Think the bitch was hood, she came over eating Mrs. Winners
Pulled up in a Benz, stained a Rover, sent it to the cleaners

[DC2Trill & Lil Yachty]
Called Wockeisha on the phone, asked her, "What's for dinner?"
Fucking on a bitch look like the Kardashians, rich just like the Jenners
Pop a nigga up while he driving, he had a fender-bender
All my niggas scammers, pray for heaven even though we sinners
Go up in the store and swipe for shit like you swipe on Tinder
My niggas ruthless, you can get robbed, no matter what the gender
This bitch sucked the dick so good, I thought she was toothless
Please direct her to my room, need her when you done
I will give the bitch some merch, will not give her funds
Snatch a nigga chain off his neck just like Lauren Lon'
Baby bottles all in the crib, but I ain't got no sons
DC and the wizard gon' be scoring 'til they eighty-one
We Olympic sippers
Duck, dive, flip, lean, and slide, he an Olympic killer
Every time some exclusive shit come out, you know we finna get it
Took her to my room, looked back to my bro like the scene from Thriller
Know I'm gon' smash
All my whips 220 on the dash
Sipping on drank, we shoot wok, like it's SlimFast dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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