Paroles de la chanson IKEA Rug par Lil Durk

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Paroles de la chanson IKEA Rug par Lil Durk


Told my brother, "You catch that nigga who did it, I'll give you the ransom"
Told that bitch to bring her friends, I bring my friends, we link in Atlanta
Hope lil' bro gon' beat his case, they don't really see that shit on camera
You gotta worry 'bout who got the up first 'cause my cousin died with his hammer (Yeah)
Only reason opps got all that shit, they fuckin' with them scammers
He just hit a lick in Miami for all them bricks, he Montana
Where I'm from, we go off body counts, we don't go off bandanas
I done gave 'em all 'em guns and drugs, bitch, I think I'm Santa
All I see, a real nigga in the mirror
All I see, a lot of robbers and some killers
All I see, a bunch of real-ass niggas
All I see, a bunch of killers, bunch of killers, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
False flaggin', throwin' up different gangs and shit
Hope when they get caught, them niggas never bring up names and shit
Open cases, hangin' 'round 'em killers known as dangerous
That's the only thing I hate that's comin' with this fame and shit, that's lame as shit
Summertime, I be fuckin' up the static
You can't deny these niggas claimin' all the bodies
I can't lie, if I go broke, I'm catchin' a robbery
They askin' why, but I can never give apology
Slow down, better watch that boy, he low down
And I heard that he be shootin' two-three switches when it go down
He used to walk around with a paint gun, I'm happy that he pro now
Suckin' dick like she a pro a now, but I told that bitch slow down, she a low down
I record with a Off-White mat from IKEA
Paranoid, we just gon' ride around 'til we see 'em
Tug of war, these niggas tryna steal ideas
Check the score, them niggas cryin' all on my DM, yeah dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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