Paroles de la chanson Fuck It par Lil Durk

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Paroles de la chanson Fuck It par Lil Durk

This ho act like she won't fuck it, got rich, I'm like, "Fuck it"
If it's fuck it, I'm like, "Fuck 'em," might hop out with oven
Fuck it, might put all my ice on when I'm out in public
Fuck around and take a nigga bitch and fly her out the country

Fuck 'em, even though I love 'em, I put sumn' to his funeral
You ain't even kill him, him for real, bro, how you tryna get turnt up off a rumor?
Yeah, he run fast as hell, just imagine a Hellcat chasin' a Puma
Man, I know you niggas bitches, say it to me, but don't say it to Boomin

See, his death a celebration, you know I know the right way just to do 'em
Man, that shit was devastating, I dropped my cup in front of the lawyer
Think he playing, he gon' cut his band, he fly out with a warrant
Can you pass this message to him for me? Dis ain't what he want

How you miss out what I did for real? You bring up what I don't
You know Jamby sees his head, that's why Ion be playin' with 'em on the phone
If I say it one time, you know they ass on go, I'm the one
Even though I ain't vote, I still got a secret passage in the trunk

My little manager, she has me fuckin', I keep a mattress in the trunk
And he know I ain't gon' do it for real, but ask him what he want
See the new McLaren, I tried to trade it for a Lambo
I was too embarrassed to kick the cup, I want my last four

I done broke my back a hunnid times for your ass, bro
Tried to do my taxes, I say no 'cause what you scam for?
You don't be feeling funny to tell the police all the info
CPN, you get you months for free, what you pay rent for?

Go with all that trollin', then got whacked while they on live
Rather turn up at my shows, where they got rats at Rolling Loud
Don't try to reach up on that stage, pull you up, this strap blow through the crowd
Say, "Fuck a plea," they gave him ten, bro throwed it back, we go to trial

I would've killed RICO for real if I ain't move, I ain't A Boogie
niggas slimin' till they in them police rooms, they turn to woody
I got somethin' in my hoodie, size of Dej, bitch a fully
Can't be playin' with no nigga who got more paper, dis shit 'bout money

Made so many packs with my lil' relly dad, that's why we selling gas
These rappers cap, be out here spreading lies, that shit don't never last
I'd never go bad, I see my son like, "That's my better half"
Fuck what the streets saying, I see myself with your lil' tellin' ass

We be in that field, the only smoke they pass is blunts
I had right before the deal, two Rollie buss, go add it up
This my life for real, them boys ain't trappin' nothing, they rapping us
If I call up Wuk and tell 'em it's a go, he maskin' up, nigga

I throw on Vezzo in the morning when I wanna count it up
Man, I know you ass a fan, I come around, you snap it up
I can't play it off, I want to take you off, can't dap you up
Took your life, this your brother, ask him why he ain't help you up dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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