Paroles de la chanson Astronomical par Lil Durk

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Paroles de la chanson Astronomical par Lil Durk

808 Mafia
Ayy, we gon' switch it up a lil' bit
Ayy, we doin' all high speed
Talkin' 'bout that skrrt, know what I'm sayin'?
Turn up, turn up

Can fuck on any bitch I want 'cause I'm conceited
At this point, I want the drugs, they really know I need it
Get it low from the plug then I take it back to get remixed
Steady runnin' off on your plug, you know that ain't no street shit
Ridin' 'round with a hundred racks sittin' on me
Ridin' 'round through the whole city by my lonely
I don't ride around with different niggas, just my homies (Facts)
Ridin' 'round got them drugs stashed 'cause they on me (Turn up)
You told me don't come with ratchet (Fuck that)
Police come, I'ma stash it
Ride around, servin' them Xannies
Half of my homies addicts
The check gon' bounce, you cash it (Yeah)
You let a scammer crack it (Scammer)
She'll let me get in her panties (Panties)
Ran from the jakes from the bando (Yeah)
I was down broke to the canvas
Bring me a stick when I'm landin' (Let's go)
Back from Cali with samples
First class with a couple of bandits (You know)
I don't know how to panic
Will I shoot that Glock, I'm frantic
You don't got it, I got it
Thats just part of my savage
Yeah, yeah, yeah, addicted to medication
I'm not a demonstration (No, no)
Designer for all my ladies (Big drip)
And you be fresh on occasions (Yeah)
I lick the Perc off her navel (Yeah)
One of my hoes ain't stable (Yeah)
She loyal, so you know I pay you
Mouth open, I give you a facial
I decided to sign with a label
A lot of these niggas ungrateful
You like youngin' with no label
I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin'
Say I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin', I'm leanin'
Fuck it, put your head back, drink this semen
Fuck it, if you don't swallow, you gotta clean it
Fuck it, like my gas musty, thats that gas, dummy
Gotta keep them bags comin'
Whole pill, no half of it
No pills, I act stubborn
Gotta do the dash on it
Fucked up my last apartment (Turn up)
Far from the back, it farted
Went to a show in New Orleans
She wanna party with Bardi
Pardon the body (Yeah)
Won't say sorry (Sorry)
I love you hardly (Hardly)
I love you barely (Barely)
Shorty shoot like Jerry
You rockin' them fake Amiri's
How niggas gonna take you seriously?
My shorty got booked for delivery
That cancer eatin' his kidney
My goal is road to riches
His goal, to roll a Bentley
His case, they hold him in it
And he been gone a minute, yeah

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