Paroles de la chanson From Uncle Herm par Larry June

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Paroles de la chanson From Uncle Herm par Larry June

I'm watchin' the watchers
Who's constantly peeking, strolling, looking, but never liking
Everybody with a smartphone get involved, your problem solved
The hottest rappers getting numbers is what matters
From hippie whites to thugged out blacks to cool-ass Asians
Good job, Larry
I pump my fist like this
When I inspire youngsters to avoid that bullshit
Separate yourself form negativity
To remain successful in the music industry
Study to occupy your mind
Eat healthy all the time

Oranges, exercise
Meditation, weed, cannabis medication is the motivation
Difficult circumstances challenge us to be strong and realize
What's required to go from here to there
From the bottom to the top
I know like I know like I know
Success is approachin' the front door
Every decision will not be perfect
We all get impatient when we have unrealistic expectations
Work can double as socializing
Self-improvement and exercising
Yes, Lord
Good job, Larry
Way to go, Herm
Yup, yup, that's him, baby

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