Paroles de la chanson Baby, You've Got to Go par Kurtis Blow

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Paroles de la chanson Baby, You've Got to Go par Kurtis Blow

I know your last man did you wrong
And I know you and your mama don't quite get along
And I know you'd help with the bills if you could
And I know that your intentions are basically good
But there's one more thing that I definitely know

It's baby,you've got to go

And I'm sure you'd cook if you knew how to use a pot
And I'm sure you'd clean if the soaps weren't so hot
And I'm sure you'd mop the floors if you weren't afraid of hot water

And I'm sure you do the laundry if you only had a quarter
And I'm sure that I wish that it just wasn't so

But baby,you've got to go

And I know that you want a career in high fashion
'Cause when you buy your clothes you do it with passion
Well that's chilly by me,you do what you will
But when you're finished,don't send me the bill
'Cause Halston and Jordache got enough of my dough

So baby,you've got to go

I'm sure you've got problems I can't understand
And I'm sure it's because I'm only a man

And I'm sure if I had an astounding I.Q
I could solve all the problems that happen to you
But I ain't no genius,I just take it slow

So baby,you've got to go

Now I know you're worried about what Erica will do tomorrow
But that won't help pay back the money you borrow
And I know that each person must be someplace my dear
But I really don't know why you must be here
So this is the day for your last tale of woe

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