Paroles de la chanson Narcos rmx par Kidd Keo

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Paroles de la chanson Narcos rmx par Kidd Keo

Keloke here comes the flame, ready to set up the game
Now these bitches know my gang, they ready they want pop her brains
Now she knows my homies names, they know we came from Spain
I was selling coca to the tourists from the USA

Now we balling on LA, tamos trending vamos bien, middle finger pa' to el que habló mierda, Yo no me viré, que ellas quieren no lo sé, me habla en francés "Je ne pas comprends", ve un par de botellas con velitas ya quiere comer

Oh shit I'm bout to blow, I did it by my own, turn myself into a monsta making guapo like a boss

The party is about to turn, yall betta get my flow, If this music shit dont Work I go back to my land to sell the Dope

Oye mami, I made myself into a 23, homie that's the recipe, plomo pa los enemies, tan guillaos no te creas lo que hablen por ahi, everybody talking shit, 'tan envidiosos de mi

Estoy haciendo un trio con dos negras de paris, blanco y negro como Oreo, Tatuado 92i. That I try it with your bitch, homie have you seen my chicks the one be looking like an angel, other comes from Medellin

Now I got bitches calling money falling, ride around expensive foreing All we do is get the chavos we dont do shit if it's boring

Bounce your ass and make it clap

She call me Fuego we so hot, to the Top we don't look back. Boy call me Papi from the Trap

Estamos haciendo dinero de toa vuestra frustracion, ahora jugais a mi juego puta yo marco el patron

Too much bottles popped mierda ya ni siento el colocon, make it nasty to the Top, Then She Drop it to the Floor dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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