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Paroles de la chanson 1 Of 1 par Key Glock

Big Glock, yeah (Yeah)
Ceeo, turn that beat up

I was raised by my grandma, young nigga was bad as hell
Know my mama wanna rap 'cause she did 15 years in jail (On God)
Used to walk up in the class, the teacher askin', "What's that smell?" (Swear)
Then she looked me in my eyes and tell me (What?) "Boy you high as hell" (I know)
Well, I can't help myself, baby, you know I'm a player (You know)
Baby, you know real is rare (You know), you can't get this everywhere (No)
Lord, forgive me, I be sinning, every night I say my prayer (Yeah)
I go ign'ant with the semi, I'ma shoot til' nothing left
I caught my first charge then I went on the run (Yeah)
Caught my first body, then named me after a gun (Glock)
Bought my first chopper, then I went, threw in a drum, yeah
Lil' bitch, I'm a don, I'm my mama's only son, one of one (Yeah, Glizzock)
It ain't nothing but killas and hustlers from where I'm from (Gang)
I just stack my commas, remain humble and don't crumble (Yeah)
These young niggas muggin' and they clutchin' if you mumble (Yeah)
Thuggin', hotter than a summer (Hot)
Got a trey-eight, I was in the eighth grade (Yeah)
Nigga tried to play, I tried to take off his fade (Yeah, yeah)
I didn't play no games, I cut the checks like spade
Yeah, money what I crave, bitch, I'm eating everyday
Let the chopper kick, yeah, yeah, karate, uh
Pull up with the stick, clap, clap, like a raid, yeah
You know I'ma hit, yeah, yeah, I got aim
All these extended clips, yeah, yeah, I got flame
Fuck the fame, I won't change for no changes, got some chains
And my rings look like rain, shit, I could have bought a Range
And my wrist hurricane, I work a bitch like a maid (Yeah)
Everyday gettin' paid until I'm up in a grave (Yeah)
I count my first hundred K and I was so amazed (Whole hundred K)
I had no time to play, yeah, I had plays on plays (Plays on plays)
I was servin' J's in my J's, get my cake (My cake)
Yeah, I went to school late 'cause I kept that grade A
Okay (Okay), I was on a roll everyday to the bank (Okay), yuh
Ain't no limit to this shit, I might go buy a tank, yuh
Pull up smoking Mary Jane, pocket full of Franks, yuh
You niggas too damn lame, I do what you can't, yuh
Gang shit, Bang, yuh, thirty clip, hang ya
Flame like Caine, yuh, wrist, neck, rain, yuh
Umbrella Wraith, yuh, Rollie Day-Date, yuh
Put it in your face, yuh (Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh)
Bitch tried to play me I was like, "No way"
You get up in my way and it'll be a cold case
I shot my first opp with a revolver, no trace, yeah
Until this very day, I hit my knees and still pray (Yeah) dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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