Paroles de la chanson The separated twin par Keren Ann

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Paroles de la chanson The separated twin par Keren Ann

You came by
Lighting a season
Grown somewhere between a lie
And story untoned

With the wisdom of a father
The hunger of a son
The beauty of a young boy
And the words of a grown man

And I have nothing there to give you
I was drowning deep
My wish was lone and gone
And my heart was sleep

And while you turned
I've had too many nights to dream
Too many flames to near
And I saw you in there

With the march of a warrior
The blue blood of a king
The shore breath of a sailor
Like a separated twin

You were standing there before me
With your effortless speach
Pretending to be harmless
Yet impossible to reach

But this time we knew
At the minute I'd walk away from you
I'd take it all
I'd take it all

I'd take it all...

Here we are
Unruffled and polite
And I carry you on
Into the night

With the affection of a mother
The hollow of a child
The memories of a young girl
Whose innocence has gone wild

And I had everything to give you
A lifetime to forsake
But your heart is sleep
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