Paroles de la chanson Bring Back par Keren Ann

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Paroles de la chanson Bring Back par Keren Ann

Bring back my eldest
Before my heart is withered
He's a fighter and a winner
A fallen legend in the mirror
He will spoil the hungry beast
'Til the flag is raised and the fire is ceased
He'll sway and sway until he's creased
And saved before the senior priest
Like a rebel

Bring back my second
For he is left-handed
He don't know the rule of thumb
The artillery, the rolling drum
Crafted for the right hand wrist
Of the worthy knights with their clenching fist
Not for my boy whose callow lips
Have never yet been truly kissed
By a lover

Bring back my third
Before his skin is burnt
He lives inside an ancient soul
Deep in the mist of rock and roll
Oh, love will be his deadly sin
When the ships arrive and it's time to spin
The heavy swords from the eastern winds
In the holy name of the King of Kings
Like a promise

Bring back my youngest
Before his eyes have seen
Before his youth will go to waste
Don't give him any truth to taste
I want him riding back back to me
On the sandy shores of the southern sea
Green and unspoiled as a child can be
With open arms calling liberty
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